In recognising the limits of everyday language in the communication of powerful and profound feelings, integrative arts psychotherapy offers an in-depth exploration of self, through the use of image and metaphor as well as other art forms. Each art form provides a unique language of expression enabling insight, growth and change.
Art psychotherapy is committed to the role of the imagination and creativity in psychological change. It is concerned with the therapeutic application of the arts and the creative imagination for a more fulfilling life.
It also recognises artistic creativity as a human phenomenon, rather than the property of a few talented people. The inner musicality, the capacity to move, dance, paint and act is acknowledged in ALL people. No previous artistic experience is necessary to work with an arts psychotherapist.
Integrative Arts Psychotherapy can be useful in addressing a wide range of difficulties, life challenges or problems.Talking through issues can be very helpful and this can also be enhanced by the creative process, enabling a more in depth dialogue with self and other.